Tracking Tokenization

Tracking Tokenization

  • System for transforming voting, social surveys among various stakeholders.


Social poll.

Cyber ​​elections

Arbitration courts based on mathematical algorithms.

Automated bets.

1. Research.

  • Program "Magic of Opportunities" using the platform
  • Mechanics No1: conducting research using the research initiator's platform tokens is as follows: Participating in research with the amount of tokens indicated in the transaction allows the Avatar Author to express his interest and willingness to participate, while maintaining the anonymity of his beliefs.
  • 1. The avatar sends a cyber request - a transaction to the platform, indicating his cyber account.
  • 2. Automatically change the research platform tokens to the tokens of the question initiator.
  • The main thing is to clearly state the conditions and motivation of the participants in the process.
  • 3. Anonymous research: The Platform invites the Avatar to take part in an anonymous research.
  • 4. The avatar selects the answer option that matches his opinion and sends the corresponding amount of tokens to the specified crypto wallet account.
  • 5. For participation in voting, the platform awards stable_coin tokens, which can be exchanged for cash on any crypto exchange.

2. Social survey.

  • Turn your point of view into a reward: take part in the cyber survey revolution.

*** dDigitalgene presents a real way to conduct elections using Web 3.0 network technology on the blockchain.

3. Cyber ​​elections.

  • Imagine a world in which elections are not just an event, but an extraordinary spectacle, full of miracles and surprises.


  • 1. Introduction: Using the advanced capabilities of Web 3.0 and blockchain, we present new elections that provide transparency, immutability and decentralized decision making.

Such elections are a form of spectacular event where every vote is an exciting event.

One of the key points of holding elections on the blockchain is the creation of the election token xxxxxCOIN, which represents the vote of each participant.

  • 1. Fair cyber voting.
  • 2. The Right Way to Conduct Elections on Blockchain Using Web 3.0
  • 3. Decentralized decision-making in elections using blockchain technology
  • 4. “Amazing Magic Elections” program for conducting elections on the blockchain
  • 5. Election tokens and their role in conducting elections on the blockchain
  • 6. Using hash transactions and blockchain to ensure election transparency
  • 7. Security and reliability of elections using blockchain and Web 3.0 technology
  • 8. Distribution of votes using blockchain technology using the dDigitalgene aggregator
  • 9. Advantages of holding elections on the blockchain using social tokens
  • 10. Blockchain and election transparency: how it works with the dDigitalgene program.