Cross-chain WEB3

Rubic cyber_version of tomorrow - 22 blockchains available for exchange, the first technology of synthesizing economic interaction.

Rubic has proven that DeFi is not difficult or expensive. It's all very simple, even for those unfamiliar with the topic. Rubic is a multi-chain ecosystem with the fastest EVM in the world. Block time is 0.5 seconds, scalable infrastructure with a speed of up to 10,000 transactions per second, low fixed transaction cost in pennies, and no front-running operations. Unlike bridges, #rubic not only moves tokens between networks but also changes the token itself in one transaction! How to use Rubic

Let's look at the necessary steps to work with Rubic:

  • 1. Before using Rubic, you need to connect a wallet. Choose any crypto wallet web3 Metamask, Trust Wallet.
  • 2. Then, to make an exchange, choose the coins to sell and buy.
  • 3. After confirming the transaction, wait a few seconds. The software module automatically selects the most optimal and advantageous option for you.
  • 4. Press confirm to complete the transaction.
  • 5. Press the finish button to close the transaction window. You can move on to the next exchange.

After the transaction is completed, it acquires the status 'completed'. Rubic's goal is to add multi-chain p2p transactions to existing services, help other projects make exchanges simple and convenient for users. The ability to exchange tokens from one network for tokens from another network without any problems has emerged.