Programmable money

Programmable money

dDigitalgene a reliable instrument of exchange and preservation of value.

Programmable money is a reliable tool for exchanging and storing value.


Programmable tokens (cyber money) are digital assets or virtual currencies that are built on blockchain technology and have the ability to be customized or programmed to perform certain functions or conditions.

Earn money from your business using programmable money:

This concept allows companies to use programmable money, typically cryptocurrencies or tokens, to create innovative revenue streams.

Create your own decentralized product project:

the ability to initiate and manage an independent business based on the principles of decentralization.

😎 We have an exciting story for you.

Meet Uncle Seva, a rich and successful winemaker.

Farmer Uncle Seva, known for his excellent wine, invites you to become part of his story - through his business model and through a unique programmable winemaking system.

This wine cannot simply be purchased with money - it can be purchased exclusively with our tokens.

Uncle Seva offered a unique opportunity - to earn the right to purchase an exclusive product.

By becoming an investor in Uncle Seva Programmable Tokens, each person not only gets the opportunity to try this unique wine, which is in great demand and popularity, but also become part of the history, culture and pleasure of investing.

How it works?

  • Investments in Tokens:
  • Participate in Management:
  • Evaluation and Awards:
  • Barter for Wine:
  • Earn the right to purchase an exclusive product:

Why is this unique?

This project combines the pleasure of wine and investment.

Smart token is a programmable blockchain-based entity that encapsulates business logic, enabling complex interactions with various systems and other tokens in a self-contained, interoperable format.

Programmable smart contracts cyber_module Cyber ​​module dDigitalgene for tokenization and working with crypto assets.