Digital sovereignty

Used for applications that require unique authorization and decentralized data access control for incognito token holders.

🌐 Discover the power of digital anonymity with digital sovereignty

In an era where the digital sphere plays an ever-increasing role in our lives, the concept of digital sovereignty takes center stage.

Take charge of your Avatar's digital identity and begin your journey to digital sovereignty now!

🔒 Complete control over your digital world.

Digital sovereignty gives you the opportunity to independently dictate your information policy, manage data flows and protect your information from external influence.

🔑 Access to exclusive services.

The future is to use tokens as keys to unlock certain services.

🌐 Independence in the digital world.

At its core, digital sovereignty means having complete power over your digital data, its use and distribution.

🌐 Unique authorization and data control.

For applications that require specific authorization and decentralized data access control, digital sovereignty is the answer.

🔗 Powered by blockchain:

Blockchain technology forms the basis of digital sovereignty, ensuring transparency, reliability and security of data.

💼 Protection against data risks.

In a world where information is rapidly going digital, the risk of data breaches and privacy violations is at an all-time high.

🚀 Center for Digital Sovereignty:

Join the digital movement and become part of a new center of digital sovereignty, where every resident experiences a sense of security and freedom.

Enter the digital age with confidence.

*** Inside DAO_Great_Tartaria

🌟 The mechanism for logging into the cyber personal account of an Avatar account using a crypto account and tokens is as follows:

1. The user who owns the crypto account sends a certain amount of tokens to the platform address.

2. The platform automatically accepts the transaction and checks the availability of the token amount.

3. The platform sends the user a code or password to unlock the account.

4. As a result of validly entering the code or password, the user gains access to his cyber personal account of the Avatar account.

This mechanism ensures security and protection of access to cyber-personal accounts of avatar accounts, based on the use of cryptocurrency and unique codes/passwords.

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